Welcome to our new (proper!) blog…

Blog Definition

Writing a ‘proper’ blog is something I have been thinking about for a while so when we relaunched the Green Tulip website a few weeks ago I took the opportunity to review our ‘blog’ page.

To be honest it wasn’t really a blog – more of a news page that  highlighted some interesting information about the new products we had launched and some general green issues. It certainly didn’t really fit in with the above definition of a blog (according to the oracle that is google!) and it really felt like it was time to start again. But what should my new blog be about and where to start?!   

I’m a big Instagram fan and have been using that for a couple of years now. I love connecting with people on there and seeing (beautifully photographed) glimpses of their lives. I also enjoy seeing what goes on in other small businesses and it’s always a relief to find out that we all face the same ups and downs!

I’d like my blog to be an extension of that. Sharing what I get up to running Green Tulip and our shop The Inner Yard, and at the same time ‘meeting’ and connecting up with like minded souls. Also sharing my thoughts on general green issues, eco tips, inspiring examples of how things can be done positively, interesting eco developments etc.. I will of course be telling you about some of our products too – you won’t be surprised to hear I’m quite passionate about them – but the good news is that our products all have a story behind them so I promise you they aren’t boring to hear about!

I know the biggest challenge I’ll come up against is time (*note the ‘regularly updated’ part of the definitely above!). There just never seems to be enough hours of the day. Juggling running a small business, children, pets, family, friends and having time for some fun is a challenge already! But I’m imagining this will be a kind of therapy – a way of taking a breath and catching up – and also something I’ll enjoy looking back on.

So that is my first post written. I hope that anyone that reads it will considering coming back again and sticking with me as I develop the blog over the next few months. And it would be even better if you fancy saying *hi* and connecting below – any blogging tips would be especially welcome!

Green Tulip

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