The decorations are down, what to do with the Christmas cards?

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It’s that time of year again, the Christmas tree’s gone, the decorations are back in their box and the house is lovely and tidy. Except for that pile of Christmas cards sitting in the hall that we don’t really know what to do with!

We’re sending up to 1 billion Christmas cards each year and, lovely as it is to receive cards from those distant friends and family, they do contribute to a lot of the ‘Xmas excess’. So what can you do with them that will minimise their impact on the environment?


Instead of putting the cards straight into the recycling you can turn them into something you can reuse. Kate, our Marketing Assistant makes gift tags and handy bookmarks by cutting off the picture, punching a hole and tying on a ribbon (reused of course!) – look at her go.

We spotted some great reuse ideas on Recycle Now, and they’ve even got a video showing how to create napkin rings, thank you cards and alternative christmas decorations for next year.

We particularly like the idea of making things out of repurposed greetings cards, check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

Supermarket Recycling Schemes

If you just can’t face any more Christmas crafting, Marks & Spencers here in the UK are running a card recycling scheme until 31st January. Just drop your cards at the store and for every 1,000 cards recycled they will plant a tree in the UK in support of the Woodland Trust.

You can also also check local stores, charity shops and even your local primary school to see if they’re running recycling schemes.

Roadside Recycling

A final option is to drop them into your regular cardboard recycling bin. Check to see what your local council accepts here.

Hopefully though,  we will have inspired you to do something different with them this year!

Meet the Author - Kate

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