New Year, New You: Declutter


The New Year is always a time when people start contemplating life and organising things is usually very near the top of the list.

As a wannabe minimalist myself, I love decluttering. I’m a huge fan of The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus offer up tips based on their own experience of minimising and downsizing their lives.

So, here are my tips to help you have a clutter-less 2016;

Not just physical clutter exists nowadays. Digital clutter is the ‘new clutter’ and can certainly contribute to a full brain. So as well as clearing away unnecessary physical mess, think about the digital mess you’ve created over the years:-

  • regularly give your email inboxes a spring clean by deleting unneeded emails and spam, unsubscribe from newsletters you never read and file emails you want to keep in separate folders.
  • having a clear digital desktop goes a long way to keeping productivity levels up, file away documents, images etc that you need to keep in related folders… and generally delete the rubbish!
  • having an organised digital filing system is incredibly useful, keeping all the stuff you need in appropriately named folders in a place where you’ll be able to find them works wonders, keeps productivity levels up and saves a lot of time. Internet bookmarks work in the same way, review what you’ve saved over time, delete things you won’t be going back to and file the ones you will.
  • Social media accounts can collect their fair share of junk and clutter. Rid yourself of accounts you follow that don’t add value any more, review your friends on Facebook. Anyone posting too much about a subject you’re not interested in? Unfollow them (which means you stay friends but just don’t see their updates anymore). You can always follow them back when they start posting about other topics again. Or if you’re not really bothered, hit the unfriend button! Also, just because there’s lots of hype about a social media platform that doesn’t mean you have to be on it, choose the ones that work for you and if you’re using it for a business, evaluate which ones add the most value.

Do you really need it?

When having a clear out, this is the question to ask yourself.

  • The emotional attachment is what keeps you holding on to these things. Letting go is actually incredibly liberating.
  • Instead of focusing on the actual ‘things’, look at the emotional side of why we hold on to them. This is where it all begins for the clutter we collect. Evaluate whether or not you really need the item.

My desk was starting to get heavily laden;

Ahh! So much nicer;


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