New Year, New You: Exercise


Hands up who decided to start exercising as a new years resolution, then abandoned it within a week? We’ve all been there!

Only 8% of people manage to achieve what they set out to do

Source – Statistics Brain

The main thing with a standard new year’s resolution is that we jump on the ‘New Year Bandwagon’ and make snap multiple decisions. Instead what we should be doing is contemplating those decisions and only making one or two achievable goals that are the most important to us.

Managing Expectations

Realise where you are and start from there. (i.e. don’t expect to start running a marathon on day 2). If you’re serious about the goal, start from the basics and work your way up – you don’t even need an end goal, just work up gradually and see where it takes you. Make it fun!



Thanks to the wonder of technology, mobile apps are becoming a serious part of our exercise regime. These can achieve several different things depending on what you’re looking for. Having an app as a guide can be really helpful to keep you motivated – here’s a list of the 10 Best Fitness Apps from 2015. Source – Tom’s Guide

We’re all only human so be sure to make this a lifestyle change rather than a temporary fad. Be realistic and make it enjoyable. Use apps and tech to give you some direction but don’t spend too much time analysing rather than doing.

Off the back of the research I did for this blog post, I’ve downloaded the app, Steps (iOS) to give me some motivation to get up and walking, you’ll often find me trotting around the office at super speed;

So, to coin an overused phrase, every little helps!


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