New Year, New You: Get Outdoors

getoutdoors copy


There are still two months left before Spring officially starts and although the temptation is to hibernate inside with the central heating on, getting outside in the fresh air really does make everyone feel better.

At Green Tulip we’ve decided to embrace this cold, wet and windy weather and the team is focused on getting out and about into the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. We will of course make sure we are well wrapped up against the elements (and looking our best!) and wanted to share a few of our favourite scarf tying techniques with you.

Watch Kate tying our lovely linen Nkuku scarf into a lose Pashmina knot.



This beautiful hand made silk Manumit scarf can be tied in an asymmetric style.



These hand made, Nepalese wool felt and silk scarves by Paper High are long and lovely and warm – perfect for keeping you snug on a winters day.


Whilst we were making our videos we emassed a small bloopers reel, it turns out, Nik is an inept scarf fashioner;


Check out our Pinterest board for more scarf-wearing related inspiration.


Remember to make the most of every day, don’t let the weather stand in the way. Carpe diem!



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