Toasted Gluten Free Oat Granola Recipe (refined sugar free)


I’ve been hitting the refined sugar again recently which reminded me of a really tasty and refined sugar-free granola recipe I’d toasted up a while back. I love sweetness, so when I can trick my body into thinking it’s eating sugar, but really I’m getting a slow release gluten free treat that offers a whole host of vitamins and minerals, even better!



3 handfuls Gluten Free Whole Oats
1.5 handfuls Raw Sliced Coconut
1.5 handfuls Almond Flakes
1.5 handfuls Raisins (or any dried fruit of choice)
2 tbsps Brown Rice Syrup (I use Biona Organic)
2 tbsps sunflower/olive/coconut oil

You can also add cacao nibs, any seeds/nuts of choice or dark chocolate drops to give it a desserty edge (keep in mind that the dark chocolate drops will increase the sugar).


Pop the oats into a dry frying pan (don’t add any oil) and toast for 5 minutes

Then add the coconut and almonds and toast for another 10 minutes (keep it moving and keep your eye on it so it doesn’t burn)

Once toasted, transfer to a bowl and add the raisins, brown rice syrup and oil

Stir it together so it’s all combined and voila, tasty granola!


This yummy granola can be eaten as a snack as and when the mood takes you, or as a breakfast or dessert with some goats/dairy free milk, yoghurt or fruit.

Happy snacking!


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