Pancakes: Keep it Traditional


At Green Tulip, we are passionate about cutting out unnecessary waste, particularly plastic, so we were a bit alarmed at the amount of ready-made pancake mixes found in our local supermarkets.


For us, pancake day is a bit of fun to share with our children, an opportunity to show them how to cook something simple and carry on a great British tradition that dates back over 500 years.

Why then do we need to modernise it with a ready made mix? Have we forgotten the enjoyment we had as children cracking the eggs into the bowl, whisking and finally flipping the pancake in the air? Perhaps we think we haven’t got the time or it’s too difficult?

This simple recipe shows us that we only need three ingredients: flour, eggs and milk. Lets reclaim our tradition back from the mass produced, over packaged supermarket mixes and get flipping!

Here’s Mrs Beeton’s Basic Pancake Mix, there’s no need for any plastic packaged pancake mix with Mrs Beeton’s Basic Pancake Mix, perfectly easy to create from scratch with minimal ingredients.

We loved the note that Mrs Beeton puts on her basic pancake recipe; ‘pancakes are almost never good unless eaten almost immediately they come from the frying pan’ – sage advice from Mrs B.

If you wanted to get more creative with your pancakes, here’s three recipe ideas we loved the look of :-

Pancakes - Green Tulip

Oat & Seed Pancakes (Gluten Free)

We love the look of the Lunchbox Doctor’s Oat & Seed Pancakes, simple and quick to make, delicious and a gluten free option too (if you use gluten free oats). Have a look at her blog for the recipe.

Red Quinoa Pancakes (Dairy Free)

These dairy free delights look amazing, and are made using left over quinoa and coconut palm sugar which is much nicer than refined sugar. Check out the recipe over on the Kitchen McCabe blog.

Sweet Potato Pancakes (Gluten & Dairy Free)

An alternative to gluten and dairy pancakes, instead substituting sweet potato for the flower and oat milk for the dairy milk, another simple recipe which you can check out here.

Happy Shrove Tuesday!


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