Easter Chocolate – Buy British & Buy Independent

Easter eggs in the nest on rustic wooden background

At Green Tulip we are all about British chocolate!

If you are like us, you will be dismayed by the excessive packaging on Easter Eggs that cram our supermarket shelves at this time of year. Not to mention the fact that the chocolate is usually mass produced and does not taste like proper chocolate. I checked the ingredients for one well known brand and there were 22 listed ingredients, 5 of which where types of sugar and included wheat flour and palm oil. Ridiculous!

When it come to chocolate, we think British is best! We love our selection of British hand made chocolates with their gorgeous packaging, real ingredients and delicious flavours. Have a look at their stories and let’s do something a bit different this Easter.

Green Tulip Chocolate Map




As a young lad Liam Burgess didn’t get on that well at school but had always possessed a strong passion for food and favours.  Liam grew up on Bournville Lane so chocolate had always been in his blood and in 2011 with a starter loan for £3,000 from the Princes Trust, Nomnom was born.

Nomnom now consists of a team of 7 all under the age of 23, trying things with chocolate that people wouldn’t usually dare if they knew any better!  The company specialises in collaborating with Welsh food brands, adding them to chocolate to make unusual and interesting flavour combinations.

Nomnom is freshly produced on a small farm in Llanboidy, deep in the hills of West Wales

Cocoa Loco

Cocoa Loco Elephants 6.jpg

Cocoa Loco is a British company who produce award wining handmade chocolate using the finest single origin beans from the Dominican Republic that are Fairtrade and Organic all the way! Proof that the most delicious chocolate can be 100% ethical too.

The chocolate is produced in Cocoa Loco’s own kitchens in West Sussex. As a company they are committed to minimising their impact on the environment. Among other things they buy their electricity from Ecotricity and minimise any landfill waste.

Coco Chocolatier

Coco New Packaging 10.jpg

Established in 2004 as one of Scotland’s very first chocolatiers, Coco specialise in making delicious, ethically traded, fine organic chocolate in it’s own kitchens in Edinburgh.  Using single origin chocolate from the Dominican Republic, Coco enhance with interesting spices and essential oils to produce unique and appealing flavours which offer a great talking point at dinner parties as well as a perfect gift for chocolate connoisseurs.

Coco is a proud member of SOPA (The Scottish Organic Producers Association), adhering to their strict guidelines for organic chocolate production.  The company is a true advocate of organic farming, ethical trading and using non GM ingredients.

All Coco’s chocolate is hand tempered on marble slabs and then blended to create a range of stunning flavours with fruits, spices and peppers.

Coco produces fine organic chocolate in its own kitchens in Edinburgh Scotland, and opens it’s doors twice a month for a Chocolate School, we love the idea!


Montezuma gift Mini Close up.jpg

From humble beginnings in 2000 with a machine the size of a kitchen sink, Montezuma’s now have their very own factory in West Sussex, employing around 70 people who pride themselves on producing “innovative British Chocolate”.

Co-founder Helen Pattinson believes sustainable and organic business growth wins over greed; and that being British means making the most of what the country has to offer and giving back as much as possible.  The company demonstrates this in how they dispose of rubbish and how their ingredients are farmed.

Montezuma’s products are made with organic chocolate, and other organic ingredients wherever possible.

Let’s make Easter better, buy British and buy independent.



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