Nepal-One year on



Here at Green Tulip, our ethos is to support communities through trade – enabling them to earn a fair living by making our beautiful hand crafted gifts. One country where this has been particularly significant over the last year is Nepal.

Since 2012, Green Tulip have been supporting trade in Nepal through a few different suppliers including knitwear specialist KuSan.

KuSan firmly believe that contented workers make better knitwear.  Their philosophy has always been to work honestly and ethically with their factories in Nepal and they seek to ensure the integrity of all products bearing the KuSan label as well as taking their social and corporate responsibility very seriously.

All staff involved with KuSan receive good wages and work fair hours in a healthy and safe environment.  Sufficient breaks, free staff food and the encouragement of collective bargaining and freedom of association further instil a sense of self-worth and pride. As a result KuSan believe their hand knitters are the best in the world and many have been with the company since they started.

Outside the workplace, each year KuSan also contribute to community initiatives within the Kathmandu Valley.

2015 Earthquakes

From the 25th of April to the 14th of May 2015, over 120 earthquakes and aftershocks wreaked devastation across Nepal, including the capital, Kathmandu.


Many thousands died and many more were injured. The United Nations estimated that over 6 million people were affected by the earthquakes. Sympathy and support was offered from people and organisations around the world.

As a retailer of a number of products made in Nepal we were keen to offer some support but it was hard to know what to do to ensure any donation made it to the right place. So we were pleased when Kusan invited us to support ‘Brand Aid for Nepal’. Brand Aid for Nepal was originally set up by Kusan and ethical fashion brand Komodo, who have both made their products in the country for a number of years, with the aim of raising £100,000. Together the labels invited other retailers and brands to join together and donate funds for those in need. To date they have raised £325,000 which has been distributed to various NGO’s in the country through Alison Marston, a 30 year old aid veteran who was born in Kathmandu and has worked with the International Committee for the Red Cross. The Brand Aid report details how this is helping people and communities re-establish trade and rebuild their lives.

As we near the one year anniversary of these devastating events, we are so pleased that our customers have enabled us to support the skilled people in Nepal who work hard to bring us such beautiful products.



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