Rio 2016-How To Eat Like A Brazilian

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Rio 2016 is on! The Olympic Opening Ceremony started the event with a bang last weekend and that means Olympic Fever for the next three weeks.

In 2012 the whole world went London crazy, so this August we’ll be taking a look at Rio and what it means to be from this amazing Brazilian city.

Their sense of style is undeniable and their food looks just as bright and colourful. Here are a few facts about the food of Brazil that you might not know .

Did you know that cashews come from a fruit?


Brazilians grow and eat a great many different fruits in large quantities.

The most common type of fruits are; mango, guava, pineapple, passion fruit, orange, plum and banana.

There are also many more that we might not have heard of: guarana, acai, caju (cashew fruit), guava, jackfruit, carambola, mamao, dragon fruit, jaboticaba, sapoti and pitanga!  More than 300 different fruits!

If you want to try some acai berries but don’t quite know what to do, have a look at this Hemsley and Hemsley recipe for Acai Breakfast Bowls

Meat and cheese

In Rio,  feijoada (a black bean and meat stew) is popular especially as a Wednesday or Saturday lunch. Also consumed frequently is picadinho (literally, diced meat) or rice and beans.

Besides the feijoada, a popular plate is any variation of grilled beef fillet, rice and beans, farofa and fries, commonly called Filé à Osvaldo Aranha. Seafood is very popular in coastal areas, as is roasted chicken (galeto).

Cheese is also big business, with cheese bread being a firm favourite, have a look at some recipes on our Rio Pinterest Board if you are feeling adventurous.


Sweet Tooth


Brazilians are also known for their sweet tooth! Brigadeiros are chocolate fudge bombs that sound just heavenly, check out these recipes to make them at home!



Life wouldn’t be complete without a cup of strong coffee, and it’s certainly no different in Rio.

A recent survey by IBGE revealed that coffee is the most consumed product on a daily basis by the Brazilian population above the age of 10.  That equals  79.7 litres of coffee drank per inhabitant per year. Wow!

Brazil is also the world’s largest coffee producer, growing around a third of global coffee production.

Thanks Brazil!



If you want to go Brazilian the easy way this weekend, a bbq is the way to go. Our BBQ Pinterest board has all the inspiration you need and advice on how to use a churrascaria.

Enjoy eating and drinking the Brazilian way- Bom apetite!


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