Joyn India – Their Story


Here at Green Tulip we love beautiful design so when we discovered Joyn India 18 months ago we were delighted by their gorgeous prints and designs. But there is so much more to Joyn India than simply producing high quality handbags and accessories and this, to us, is where the real beauty lies.

In 2010 Melody and Dave Murray moved to Rajpur, India where they discovered talented artisans who made beautiful textile products but lacked access to markets. The Murrays were determined to employ as many people as possible in a sustainable and fair trade business and Joyn India was born.

JOYN found that the people living in Rajpur are some of the neediest people on the planet.  Many of them grow up begging on the streets and have no skills, education, identities, or even birthdays. They suffer from hunger, abuse, leprosy, drug addiction, and chronic illnesses.


The manufacturing process of JOYN products starts with pure cotton, which is carded and cleaned, then hand-spun in 7 stages to complete the thread and hand-woven into fabric.  The cotton fabric then has fabric dye pressed onto it using a hand-carved wooden block. When it is dry it is cut and stitched by hand.

Every finished product has a swing tag with the signature of each artisan responsible for the different processes – weaving, printing and stitching.

joyn-labelYou can see the latest Joyn India collection here and we look forward to working with them for many years to come…


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