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Fashion Revolution Week: 24th – 30th April 2017

This week we are celebrating Fashion Revolution Week, which is in it’s third year. The campaign encourages millions of people to ask brands ‘who made my clothes’ and to demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. Read more about their mission here.

At Green Tulip we think carefully about sourcing the beautiful gifts we offer for sale. How are our they made?  Who makes them and is their well-being taken into consideration? Last year in our blog we featured how the campaign was set up to highlight the plight of those workers who lost their lives in the Rana Plaza factory collapse.  This year we would like to tell you about some of our brands who support this campaign and share the story of one incredible lady who makes our jewellery!

Our Fashion Revolution Brands

Earth Squared support the campaign with a passion! Their bags and accessories are handmade in Northern Vietnam by a fair trade certified organisation.  Earth Squared has been working closely with this organisation for the past 13 years. All employees are over 18 years old, are paid 4 times the national minimum wage and working conditions all abide by fair trade criteria. We love the picture of some of their team shown above!

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Just Trade is another of our brands that have joined the campaign: “We’re proud to say that at Just Trade we make all our jewellery and accessories in sustainable, fair trade projects in India, Ecuador, Peru and Vietnam. We support workers in their fight for safe working conditions, sustainable practices and fair pay. ”

A Beautiful Story is an ethical jewellery brand that produces stunning pieces. They believe it is paramount that every person in the chain receives an honest salary for their work or participation and work in close collaboration with a small number of producers in developing countries to achieve a long-term business relationship.  They provide support to their producers in Nepal and are establishing new collaborations in Peru, Bolivia and Bangladesh.

In celebrating Fashion Revolution Week, we would like to share Nimdiki’s story:

a beautiful story


Meet Nimdiki

We would like to introduce you to someone who is very important to A Beautiful Story, meet Nimdiki. Nimdiki Sherpa is one of their angels in Nepal. For ten years this strong -willed lady has represented the heart and soul of A Beautiful Story. As a true entrepreneur, she made her dream come true: establishing her own jewellery factory to empower Nepalese women.

48 years ago Nimdiki was born in Darjeeling, India and comes from a wealthy family. She was fortunate enough to receive proper schooling and developed herself into an ambitious, structured and warm-hearted lady.  She got married to a Nepalese man.

Beads for life

Growing up she realised that not all women in Nepal society were quite as lucky as she was. Her desire to change this situation grew. She started her own workshop “Beads for Life”. Her workshop focuses on helping women in difficult economic situations.

In the beginning, she worked with five women who made traditional necklaces for tourists. Some of these women had lost their husbands or were born in a poor family. Beads for Life allows the women to earn their own money and to become independent within the Nepalese society.

An example to us all

A Beautiful Story got to know Nimidiki in 2007 and were inspired by her strong mentality. A long-lasting collaboration started and Beads for Life expanded to 30 artisans. Ambitious Nimdiki created a place where you can hear sounds of cheerful chatter and laughter. The women truly enjoy working there. Now, Nimdiki runs her workshop together with Santosh, who came to Kathmandu to study. He is also one of the friends of her eldest son.

Her eye for detail and design is remarkable. She translates the designs like no other and throws in a little special Nimdiki magic. She aims for perfection. Her work is refined and her contribution to A Beautiful Story is priceless. With her great enthusiasm and caring character, she is an example for all of us.


If you feel inspired, join the Fashion Revolution with us at Green Tulip!

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