Make the most of your picnics – and make them waste-free too!

Summer is finally here and to celebrate we have been looking at ways of enjoying fantastic waste-free alfresco food. With just a little bit of planning it really is possible to cut out plastic from our picnics, as well as improving how tasty, vibrant and healthy the food choices are.  The key to doing this is to invest in a few reusable bottles and containers (from Green Tulip of course!) and prepare your food and drink at home.

This then gives you unlimited freedom to transport any items that take your fancy. Don’t home-mixed Mojito, honey & mustard oven-roasted sausages and watermelon and feta salad sound a bit tastier than shop bought soggy sausage rolls?! The only limit to the food and drink that you can enjoy on your picnic is your imagination.

We have put together a few ideas that you might like to try wherever you are this summer…

Seaside picnics

We love our seaside picnics – and by using reusable items to transport your food and drink, there is fantastic picnic fun to be had. And it doesn’t just need to be lunch on the beach – why not ditch the sandy sandwiches and make a day of it? How about dining on the beach for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

For Breakfast try using an insulated food jar to layer up fruit, yogurt, granola etc to make a tasty breakfast to enjoy on the beach – or use it to keep homemade baked beans warm on those chilly surfing mornings!

Alternatively you could try out a delicious ‘overnight oats’ recipe?  They look fab in a glass jar, taste even better and give you limitless options for a healthy, filling breakfast to set you up for a day on the beach – in a container that can be used again and again.

For Lunch maybe set yourself a challenge to prepare a bread-free meal. You could put together a few salads, olives, dips etc – using couscous, rice, pasta etc for a spread of delicious things that will get your taste buds going!  Our two-tier rectangle container is perfect for transporting a selection of dips and vegetables.

As the day turns to evening and it’s Dinner time, you can’t beat the feeling of snuggling up on a blanket in your cosy knit, opening a beer and indulging in a BBQ. These beaches permit barbecues and allow for the classic combination of ‘Sun, Sea and Sausage’!

Park (and desk!) picnics

kimberly-mears-30423 (1).jpg

The joy of picnics is that you don’t have to be on holiday to indulge in an alfresco lunch. Lunch in the park – or even lunch at your desk if you can’t get outside – needn’t be the same old limp sandwich.  There are lots of fantastic products out there that can enable you to transport (and keep cool) all sorts of inventive and healthy lunches to tantalise your taste buds.

Investing in a reusable bag will help you stay sustainable and stylish.  A lunch bag + an ice pack is an ideal way to transport your food in style – as well as keeping treats such as fruit and chocolate cool. These blue coloured ice packs and lunch bags are perfect for making you feel all summery.

A few good containers and refillable bottles can provide you with affordable and sustainable ways of taking any lunch choices that you like ‘on the road’. Green Tulip has everything you need!

You can also take a look here for some great ‘packed lunch’ ideas that will certainly brighten up a day in the office!


Family picnics

One of the most fun things about picnics is taking the whole family along. And you can even get the kids into the picnic spirit before they even leave the house by getting them involved in preparing and putting together their own food.

For a varied fruit salad to take on the picnic, challenge them to include all of the colours of the rainbow! Or try cutting sandwiches and baking biscuits into shapes. Our reusable snack packs are perfect for transporting snacks and biscuits, and can be washed and reused over and over again.

Children also love having their own ‘packed lunch’ to take to the beach.  Use a lunch bag to keep their food portion individual and tasting great – and they might even carry it themselves!

Happy picnicking!

I hope we have inspired you with some fun ways to revitalise your food choices this summer.  There are also some more ideas on our ‘summer picnics – naturally’ Pinterest board that we have put together for you to try.

Meet the Author - Cat

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