Green Tulip is a retailer selling contemporary ethical gifts through our website and our shop The Inner Yard.

When I launched Green Tulip back in 2006 I fulfilled a long standing dream of mine – having my own shop. I also brought together my personal commitments to trading fairly and respecting the environment with a passion for retail developed over 14 years working for one of the UK’s biggest retailers.

My aim for Green Tulip is to sell products that have strong ethical and design credentials. Back in 2006 when we started it was really hard to find these products but I’m pleased to say I now have a much wider range of eco products to choose from. As a result I think we sell even better products than we did all those years ago (although we also have some suppliers we have been working with since the beginning – long term supplier relationships are a great thing in their own right).

All of our products have a story to tell and I’m looking forward to sharing some of these stories on our blog. I’ll also be chatting about eco news, life at our shop The Inner Yard near Devizes in Wiltshire, running a small business, and general bits and pieces I hope you might find interesting!

It’s also worth mentioning our other business – Green Pioneer – which was set up in 2008 after one of the brands we were buying (bambu) told us they were looking for a UK distributor. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss so we set up Green Pioneer – and 8 years on we represent a range of US and Canadian brands in Europe (including bambu still) and we also now design and develop our own ranges. Although this blog is about Green Tulip I share my time between the two businesses so I’m sure Green Pioneer will crop up from time to time!

I hope you enjoy reading the Green Tulip Blog. I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments, if you have any general eco advice, if you are interested in being a guest blogger, if you know about any exciting ethical products or in fact about anything at all!



PS: Further information on each of the ethical categories we use to evaluate our products  can be found here.

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